3 Things You Didn't Know About June Birthstones

For anyone born in June, here are 3 interesting facts you'll want to know about your birthstones.

1. June has not one, but three birthstones!

While June may be best known for its pearl birthstone, it's also the month of the alexandrite and moonstone. June, along with August and December, stands out as one of only three months possessing three distinct birthstones. Between the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone, gem-lovers with June birthdays have a diverse array of options to suit their style and budget.

2. Alexandrites have color-shifting abilities.

Alexandrite was added to the list of June birthstones in 2016. First discovered in the 19th century, the fascinating gem was named after Russia's Prince Alexander II. Legend has it that emerald miners brought what they believed to be emeralds to their camp, only to find that the gem's color appeared to be fiery red once in a different light and setting. By the morning, the gems appeared to be brilliant green once again. The alexandrite's color-shifting ability is dependent on the lighting its viewed in.

3. Pearls are the only gemstones created by living creatures.

Mollusks create exquisite pearls by encasing microscopic irritants in layers of calcium carbonate within their shells. Today, China is the primary source of freshwater cultured pearls, while South Sea pearls are cultivated in Australia's northwestern coastline, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

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