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Make their Christmas one to remember with the perfect gift! From Diamond earrings to royal blue Sapphires we promise to help you pick out something just as special as your loved one.

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So many aspects are taken into consideration when purchasing stones. Not only the quality of the stones but the condition in which they were mined, the culture of that area, the way it was transported, and more.

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Experience the Exclusive Charm of Unique Colored Stones.

Explore the enchanting realm of precious stones, known for their unrivaled beauty and their growing value. Gain insights into the factors that contribute to their rarity and understand the expert techniques used to navigate purchasing these stones.


"They provide a friendly atmosphere that can’t be matched by any of the other chain stores."

Purchased: Custom Engagement Ring

"Matt truly cares about his customers and the story behind their jewelry."

Purchased: Custom Necklace

"Matthew was extremely helpful in designing a replacement engagement ring for me. I have rheumatoid arthritis with joint swelling and Matthew designed a ring with a hinged band so I can get my ring on and off now."

Purchased: Hinged Engagement Ring

"I went to Schulz and Sons when I needed my engagement ring resized after having our babies. I was hesitant about resizing. I didn't want to compromise the integrity. They were extremely welcoming and helpful, very easy to work with, and reasonably priced."

Purchased: Sized Up Rings

"Needless to say I consider Mr. Matt my full-time Jeweler even if I have to drive 300 miles to get to him"

Purchased: Heirloom Ring Redesign