Custom Design

We specialize in crafting unique engagement rings and custom jewelry, inviting your participation and personal story at every step, guided by our expertise and vision

1. Inquire

The first step is easy. We just meet up initially to chat about what you want and go over any special requests for your custom piece, like the stones, design, and all the little details

2. Design

Next, we brainstorm ideas with CAD software, creating a 3D design, until we arrive at a design that you're happy with. Once we've settled on the final design, we can create a sample for you to try on before moving forward with the sourcing and production process

3. Source

We endeavor to incorporate as many of your cherished stones as we can, providing them with a lovely new home. Should additional stones be necessary, we procure them from reputable vendors known for their ethical sourcing practices. Our competitive pricing is a result of our direct relationship with these vendors, who handle the entire process from sourcing rough diamonds to cutting them.

4. Create

Finally, we craft and refine your bespoke piece with unmatched skill and meticulous attention to detail. Following this, you can choose to receive your exquisite, heirloom-quality jewelry either through mail delivery or by in-person pickup

Let's bring your vision to life.